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IBES Newsletter, Biomass Generator Update

By on 28/04/2017

Establishment of regular status updates for IBES FZ-LLC activities and status of operation.

This is the very first in a regular series of status updates, in the form of a short newsletter, from the team here at IBES. Up until now the information we have shared with you has been far between and at irregular intervals. Since we are now at a stage in our development where things are happening relatively fast we have instituted a regular status update of the activities undertaken by the IBES team in Dubai and Denmark. You will receive these updates the last Thursday every month. Here we endeavor to share with you the activities we have undertaken during the last month, inform you about milestones and, hopefully not often, about issues we have encountered.

Update #1, April 2017


Manufacturing of boilers in China

IBES FZ-LLC is in final stages of signing a manufacturing agreement, for boilers, with a Chinese partner. The agreement will allow for a flexible and phased ramp-up of manufacturing numbers. The manufacturer currently has a capacity of 2000 40kW boilers per year but can expand to meet virtually any demand.


Negotiation with potential distributors in Canada and USA.

IBES FZ-LLC has started negotiations with an entity seeking distributorship for Canada and potentially the USA.


Prototype unit being readied for endurance testing in Dubai

The first prototype IBES unit was operational for the first time in Q3 of 2016. After that it was shipped to Dubai for further testing and commercialization. The unit consisted of a 30kW boiler with the newly designed steam generator coil (heat exchanger(HX)) and a Cyclone Mark 3 engine. The goal for this test was to prove the concept which it did.

After being received in Dubai the system was disassembled and checked. While the boiler and HX has been reassembled, and tested, the engine, being a prototype, needed some attention. Together with Cyclone, IBES’s chief engineer have addressed a couple of design challenges that were spotted during the testing in Denmark and teardown in Dubai. Dealing with these challenges have taken more time that anticipated but the engine is now ready to be put back together and for testing to start.

Schedule for the next two months

  1. First part of May: IBES chief engineer to reassemble the prototype Mark 3, integrate it with the boiler/HX and prepare it for endurance testing. Testing will be done with load and a 10kW alternator has been purchased and will be integrated.
  2. May and June: endurance testing. The system will be run 24/7 and the goal is to get at least 500 hours of operation without incidents on it. The system will be shut down and the engine inspected for wear and tear regularly: every 10 hours at the start and, at progressively longer periods, thereafter.
  3. July: end of endurance testing

If testing is successful, IBES will start preparations for manufacturing of production units. If you would like additional information, we can be contacted via email or phone (see Contact page)