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IBES Newsletter, Biomass Generator Update, July 2017

By on 06/08/2017

Regular status update of IBES FZ-LLC activities and status of operation.

This is our fourth status update from Dubai.

Update #4, July 2017

Prototype unit being readied for endurance testing in Dubai

July has been a month of slow progress as we have been waiting for delivery of the heat-exchanger (HX) pipe and a few other parts. In collaboration with our partners, two HX designs have been prepared and will be manufactured and tested out in August. On the positive side, the team has taken advantage of the low level of activity to get some much needed vacation time. We will be back strong in August.


Schedule for the next three months

August: Redesign and manufacture new heat exchanger and test.

End of August to mid-October: endurance testing. The system will be run 24/7 and the goal is to get at least 500 hours of operation without incidents on it. The system will be shut down and the engine inspected for wear and tear regularly: every 10 hours at the start and, at progressively longer periods, thereafter.

If and when testing is successful, IBES will start preparations for manufacturing of production units. If you would like additional information, we can be contacted via email or phone (see Contact page)