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IBES Newsletter, Biomass Generator Update, August 2017

By on 08/09/2017

Regular status update of IBES FZ-LLC activities and status of operation.

This is our fifth status update from Dubai.

Update #5, August 2017

Prototype unit being readied for endurance testing in Dubai

In August we saw a lot of activity and work taking place with the heath-exchanger (HX). Unfortunately, we were not able to reach all our targets with any of the three HX designs that we manufactured and tested. Although the pressure target (1000 psi) is met, we are just shy of half way to the temperature target (550 Centigrade). With this output we have been able to generate electricity but just a fraction of what the system is designed for.

We have run the system for about 15 hours and again the Cyclone engine has functioned well. Another positive outcome of this month’s work is that we have gathered a lot of data on the system from the various runs we have done. With this in hand we have been able to come up with a revised solution for the HX ┬áthat we believe will bring us much closer to the goal. This next step will include expanding the space in the furnace to accommodate the redesigned and larger HX.


Schedule for the next three months

From Mid-September : Implement the new designs for the furnace and the HX and test. First when the targets have been met will we move on to endurance testing of the Cyclone engine.

If and when testing is successful, IBES will start preparations for manufacturing of production units. If you would like additional information, we can be contacted via email or phone (see Contact page)